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    Development Recap March recap 2019

    Great work it all looks great.
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    Development Recap January 2019

    It depends on what they mean, it doesn't have to be a typo.
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    Development Recap September Recap 2018

    Everything in the video seems to be running smooth now im just more excited to some day play this game
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    Development Recap July Recap 2018

    Just look at their plan there it is exactly stated how and what they are going to do.
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    Development Recap June recap 2018

    AWESOME STUFF GUYS KEEP IT UP :meowpeek::meowwavepeek::meowthinkingsmirk::meowthinkingportal:
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    A Phone? And maybe cyber cafe's?

    That is good to hear. :) 1530644025 @Luna @TzickyT what do you think? Does it seem like a good idea?
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    A Phone? And maybe cyber cafe's?

    Well here it is finally, took me a while but I am done:photomeow:. Inventory, forums and settings should all open as another window so it is not like super small.
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    A Phone? And maybe cyber cafe's?

    I do think it is okay to be vulnerable at these moments also lots of other games do that. 1530291004 Anyway I am done with doing crazy amounts of stuff for school so the sketches are continuing.
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    Will there be settings for older hardware (not even older just not new)???

    I would just really like to play this game so yeah its kinda obvious why i would ask this :)
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    Development Recap May Recap 2018

    If you have followed the Fortnite Pubg lawsuit you will know that if Pubg would win that could really fuck Nekrova over cause you could get in a lawsuit for a game that has the same core idea. So..... I was wondering if gamersfirst would fuck you guys over if Pubg would win this lawsuit.
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    A Phone? And maybe cyber cafe's?

    And dont feel like you should charge the players for using the in-game phone
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    A Phone? And maybe cyber cafe's?

    How do you feel about the phone tho?
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    The mugging and store theft

    So you mean like making it kind of an event. That if the criminals start one all the criminals and enforcers would then fight it out together to get the rewards. And then also make a timer on such events so you can't do multiple at a time and you can't do immediately after one finished. Would...