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    Use of weapon Modifications change weapon look...

    You mean a Glock with a standard M16 carry handle and an underbarrelled grenade launcher. There is neither anything FAMAS or shotgun about it ;)
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    Menu/Loading Screen Submission/Idea (Music)

    I actually really like this, though it could use abit more meat throughout in my opinion. The BPM is not bad at all but I'd be interested in hearing a slightly faster version too :)
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    Weapon Suggestions

    Shotguns: By definition either internally loaded with shells or magazine fed CQC weapons with devastating results Benelli 12g Used by Special Forces in a plethora of countries Saiga-12 Used by Private Security Companies in Russia Striker Used by South African Special Forces Bolt-Action...
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    Weapon Suggestions

    Updated with more: SMG's LMG's To be continued with sniper rifles, DMR, shotguns and sidearms.
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    Weapon Suggestions

    This is merely a list of suggestions, any reply to this topic with more suggestion will likely be added to the main post, so feel free to suggest some personal favourites or just generally guns you think would fit well into the game. NOTE: I'll be updating this as I wasn't able to finish all...
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    Perhaps you needed to find the reply button or simply stating the fact that you were agreeing before you posted. It was literally impossible to distinguish your intent with the first post and it genuinely read like you were responding to the suggestion itself.
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    Travel between Districts

    He was obviously adding to your post by mentioning another example of how you can drive there yourself or simply do your business in a menu.
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    Nice to see you read the last thing posted in here ;) In all seriousness my initial thought process was just implementing assists into the score. With that came a new name and suddenly it made sense to unlock things that made it feel like you were actually mastering the weapon. Looking over it...
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    TCP/IP Lan support...

    I'm sure @Luna already has some idea what anticheat will be used, but again it depends on how far you're willing to go since the best anticheats is usually quite expensive to get licensing for(for good reason).
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    TCP/IP Lan support...

    Problem being that APB doesn't have client-side anticheat, only FairFight, which is a statistical anticheat based on player performance. If APB had client-side anticheat the hacks would last anywhere from a few hours to at most a couple of days before becoming detected but with FairFight its...
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    Reiterating this suggestion since I got some feedback from a bunch of people I've asked. Essentially this suggestion is to revamp the 'role' system from APB but after getting feedback, the part of the suggestion where increasing your mastery would = faster reload, faster ADS etc. should be...
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    Car armor/chassis mods... and shoot through windows.

    We can discuss APB problems and mention it here :p What you describe could work in my mind, but I could only see it working if you could attach "Armor Plate" mod to for example one door at a time, reinforced glass panes, armored tires, reinforced hood etc. So you would have to upgrade each...
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    Siren sounds and light patterns...

    I have a feeling that this will only lead to tinnitus or other deaf wishing alternatives. Which would be punishable hopefully, but nevertheless we'll still see the occasional dude using it every now and then.
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    TCP/IP Lan support...

    You dont make injectable cheats from finding bugs, it wont aid them in anyway, the only thing that stops cheats is client-side anticheat OR vigorious online staff presence which we will hopefully be seeing.
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    HWID ban for cheaters?

    BattlEye :p But nah on a serious note theres plenty of other good options that wont put a giant dent in the budget, and I'm sure that would only really come up as an option if Phoenix turns out as successful as we all want it to become! :) To elaborate on the HWID idea abit since I was the one...