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    Development Recap 2019 Recap

    :meowsip: I was not geeking out
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    Development Recap April & May Recap 2019

    I kinda messed up the Users Display name and that was the result. Still not my fault ok, these things have a mind of their own
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    Development Recap April & May Recap 2019

    That GIF is clearly not my fault
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    Development Recap April Recap 2019

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    Development Recap March recap 2019

    That's how Art works
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    Development Recap February 2019

    Now I have a reason to go to the Gamescom OwO
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    Development Recap January Recap, and plans for upcoming year

    Lets just hype 2018 ^-^! God it is awsome to see that. btw I would love to see that you use the Trello page for updates too( don't saw any new updates there. Dont know if there where an update since 7.12.2017 ^^) best for me to see changes would be there ^^
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    car garages

    99999999 Points i want that too
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    car garages

    That's so unbalanced and unreal, mostly when the main streets are almost empty but other streets filled with 10 cars ._.
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    car garages

    Good Question, never saw that before by myself..I don't know if some Member have Answer for that bc i think it's another secret of the apb Files :o
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    car garages

    I think he means that APB doesnt have that much parked cars and he want that this Project gets more randomly parked cars that can be stolen by players in the City (For a more alive city) such like Motorbikes, Vans etc.. not just some AI NPC that can't drive normal on the streets or 10 Cars in...
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    Development Recap 2017 in Review and Moving into the New Year!

    uh ^.^ looks so awsome! Keep up with this Stuff! Never giv up against G1! :D
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    Prototype Progress

    :eek: sick... Hype :^)
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    Developer Update 15/08/2017 (Edited)

    I hope so