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  1. SpeedyCat

    Gamersfirst new server

    Whooop whooop
  2. SpeedyCat

    Always Evolving is Recruiting (Dutch)

    Oh yeah, i like this language^^ I understand 80% of it... i think i must join your Teamspeak/Discord someday to have some nice time ;-)
  3. SpeedyCat

    Whats the new Bar in the Forums

    I like explosives^^
  4. SpeedyCat

    Nekrova Plans & Plan Board (read before posting)

    because about most points i know ^^
  5. SpeedyCat

    Use of weapon Modifications change weapon look...

    wit a not so OP upgrade.... "yes" xD
  6. SpeedyCat

    Menu/Loading Screen Submission/Idea (Music)

    Hmmmm, for me the link sayd the file/song was removed....:(
  7. SpeedyCat

    Travel between Districts

    That would be awsome.:rolleyes:
  8. SpeedyCat

    Siren sounds and light patterns...

    Think Guenther mean only the clan specific patter created by the clan leader. Idk for sure...
  9. SpeedyCat

    Siren sounds and light patterns...

    Everybody as he wishes...
  10. SpeedyCat

    Travel between Districts

    Ähm..... xD (no comment):oops::)
  11. SpeedyCat

    Travel between Districts

    Like in APB where you can pledge to a contacr by pressing J and then choose... instead of drivint to the contact....
  12. SpeedyCat

    Car armor/chassis mods... and shoot through windows.

    Corrected it a bit but think there is out there a easy solution..... I have it in my mind but dont know exactly how to explain it in 100% correct english.... thats the problem. I try to draw it down tomorrow, think that will help. ^^:)
  13. SpeedyCat

    Siren sounds and light patterns...

    Then better make some as purchaseable dlc or to unlock purchase ingame from contacts, etc
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  15. SpeedyCat

    Car armor/chassis mods... and shoot through windows.

    One thing in a special game (most know which i mean) annoy everytime in gameplay.... Somebody gets shot by someone in mission, the victim jump in a car and is safe until it blows up..... Hope Phoenix have a solution for it.... My toughts on this: A standard car has no armored windows, you can...
  16. SpeedyCat

    Siren sounds and light patterns...

    Would be cool if the siren sounds and the light patterns are cusomizeable for police cars. Or if you can buy later some desired ecpansiob sound/light packs.... Looks cool if a whole clan use a soecial self created pattern, so thst you can identify them with it.
  17. SpeedyCat

    HWID ban for cheaters?

    Is this option implemented into the game, that cheaters get HWID ban after somehow the 2nd Ban or the first?