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  1. Blakeinstein

    I made a subreddit for Nekrova!

    So since r/apb exists over at reddit I decided it was time for a subreddit for Nekrova! Feel free to Hop on Share stuff! here it is, .
  2. Blakeinstein

    Found something on reddit. Seemed interesting Seemed fitting for a cyber punk dtyle street somewhere inside the game. The vehicles could just be the normal ones but there could be a similar styled small section of the map.... As if its a different culture living there. Edit:- the original...
  3. Blakeinstein

    Cannot reply to a thread, site claims I lack permission

    Its been happening for a while now. I have tried clearing cookies and cache for the forums but to no avail.
  4. Blakeinstein

    A Phone? And maybe cyber cafe's?

    Maybe add a phone kinda like the gta series? It doesn't really need to be that customizable but it would add a touch of immersion when you could use it send whispers , play music , take screenshot or even use the browser to visit websites either the actual ones or already built ones (like gta)...
  5. Blakeinstein

    Huge bug , game not playable.

    Cant find the file to launch the game please help
  6. Blakeinstein

    Lets play a game

    Every person is to present a single sentence to continue the story.played on my previous ,but now dead forum and we really had some great comical relief by how the story developed.regardless , here goes I am ducky the duck hunter.
  7. Blakeinstein

    Multi-platform availability.

    I am not asking for a complete port , but i do ask for wine compatibility for linux and the similar for macOS. I know i know who uses those for gaming but some do use them as a daily driver for stuff. I just wanted the devs to try and avoid windows exclusive services much like what apb did...