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  1. TzickyT

    The Underlvled Recruitment

    Welcome to the forum post of the Underlvled Community About us we are a gaming community called Underlvled and we focus on Black Desert online / Pubg/ Rocket league and Lan Party games(Retro Games) but here and there we also play newer games. We offer a Family enthusiastic feeling that tries...
  2. TzickyT

    hey everyone TzickyT here

    since @Minte has made a topic about hello i would like to do the same Hey everyone watching this topic o;o i am TzickyT former player on APB:Reloaded that i have played activaly since start. i hope i can have atleast have as much fun as i had in the early days on that game and hope that this...
  3. TzickyT

    Question - Clan System

    This is maybe a weird question or a question that can be answered on a later date. it goes about the clan system and maybe also add on thoughts about how the clan system could look. personally i have been playing a lot of MMOrpg's and a lot of games with clan systems. and each game has his own...
  4. TzickyT

    Some old idea's i had

    as i am aware this game wil be some what simular with apb stil seeing new things in a game like this would be awesome. these are some idea's i had about "Another game" in my aspect that maybe can help this game also. - About characters and clothes there is a lot of those things available...