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  1. Variiuz

    Gamersfirst new server

    So @Luna you saw that APB:R will get a new Russian Server called 'Nekrova' ? Im kinda triggerd
  2. Variiuz

    Not protected areas on the website I now these are only Pictures... I just wanted to say that I looked up the Webserver and it looks like you have nginx... Why not using .htaccess files :D? #nofront #muchlovefromgermany:3
  3. Variiuz

    Whats the new Bar in the Forums

    I saw it today that you have a new Progressbar under your Profile Container. What does that mean? Is it like a new Method when the Bar is full you get banned or my pc blow up lol oO?
  4. Variiuz

    CBT and OBT?

    Will there be a Closed Beta for people that are patreons or is there just a Open for all Beta?