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  1. B.Va

    No loading screens.

    I'm taking the example from APB for this one. To change districts you'd have to go back to the district select screen, select the district and then sit through a loading screen. The thing i would like to go with this is, have an open world, e.g Social connected to (idk any of the named of the...
  2. B.Va

    So i heard?

    So i heard the Devs will work hard to get a working version (1 part of the game) early summer this year. Will this also include regular players (those who didn't donate) And if so how big is the chance of someone whose not a donator to enter in that stage?
  3. B.Va

    Fanart~(Possible Grafitti?)

    Hey there, so nice of you to read this! here, i've been creating some fanart / pieces of art today and would like to show them off, and to recieve possible feedback or ideas. Nekrova Team(Actual Logo) Project Nekrova(Self idea) Nekrova Team(Self idea) Snake Skull Looking forward to...