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  1. GooFairy

    Will there be settings for older hardware (not even older just not new)???

    I would just really like to play this game so yeah its kinda obvious why i would ask this :)
  2. GooFairy

    Being able to start your own business

    Just like in gta being able to start your own business and manage it too. I would find it a very fun addition.
  3. GooFairy

    Add other forms of transport (bmx, skateboard, etc..)

    Add something like a skateboard or a bmx. Would be fun to use these in skate parks and on the street. Place some other fun and good ideas on this thread if you want to.
  4. GooFairy

    Shooting mechanic for the game

    I really wonder what kind of shooting mechanic you are going to use. Cause I feel like the not being able to use a scope or iron sights really made apb a game to stand out. And I feel like it did great in that type of game. Also I wonder if you are going to make random or predictable recoil for...
  5. GooFairy

    Creating your own music

    I would like to have a system in the game where you can make your own music. The way apb did it was good, but not really that elaborate. So I would like it to be a bit more if possible. Or just something way different. Maybe add support for certain file formats for like ableton or garage band...
  6. GooFairy

    The mugging and store theft

    I feel like the mugging and stealing system in apb was all very boring. We need to leave it out of the game or make it something good. And I would like the last idea so get your ideas down there and we will discuss it.
  7. GooFairy

    Melee weapons

    Add melee weapons like a telescopic baton or a chain. We should have to test how it feels to have melee weapons inside of a game like this.
  8. GooFairy

    Vehicle repairing in game

    How are you going to handle the vehicle repairing system? Cause I feel like the gas stations weren't really working. So maybe add something like garages along side the road where you can drive your car in when outside of combat and then it will get repaired for some of your bux. I don't know...
  9. GooFairy

    Vehicle customisation that changes stats of the vehicle

    Make vehicle customisation also have pros/cons in certain areas. For example: I put a different motor in my car so it accelerates faster but the top speed gets lowered. Basically making vehicle customisation not only for the looks. But of course add things that are just for looks too.