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    Development Recap May Recap 2018

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    Use of weapon Modifications change weapon look...

    You know what I hated about Apb? they seemed to know nothing about guns; the ntec had a 30 round banana mag, but the Cr5 had a way smaller mag but still held 32, also when you swapped hands the gun simply mirrored, oh man the ways the gun inaccuracies irk me Seems like something that'd be...
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    Where can I play this Game when it's out ?

    I like everything Luna said. It being on steam is good for traction, exposure, so more people find out about it. About the worry of abuse for referrals, having it where you someone who owns it can refer another is better than just a free trial... I suppose it's just a weighing of what's worth...
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    I do not like potato... graphics

    I do not like potato... graphics
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    No, no one here

    No, no one here
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    Found something on reddit. Seemed interesting

    Rain would be such a neat thing to add, dang, everything turns into suggestion thread because there's so many awesome ideas for this game ;D
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    Found something on reddit. Seemed interesting

    It's all good, I was joking around , did the italicized make it seem like I was more serious? :P Anyways, much neon, much cool, especially if we got an awesome lighting engine :D
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    Found something on reddit. Seemed interesting

    Must you take me as a dunce? it's no longer there Or if you can see it, then post the image directly here
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    Somebody once told me that I could mine some diamonds,

    Somebody once told me that I could mine some diamonds,
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    So i heard?

    *late* summer from everything said thus far. Also donators will continue to be able to acess the alpha? Hmmmmm
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    Lets play a game

    They banded together and created a mob, armed with weapons made entirely of salt
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    Lets play a game

    (Hmm, not sure if I'm doing this right but I'll leave half a sentence for the next person to finish) Suddenly there was a loud noise, made by....
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    A Phone? And maybe cyber cafe's?

    Saint's Row 3 actually did it pretty well, it took you out of the game but every ingame menu was within a smartphone
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    Melee weapons

    It would in my opinion too, kind of, but only if they were too useful... tbh I want em to jack around with, very limited reach, basically for sneak attacks etc... haven't you ever snuck up on someone in Apb and wish you could bludgeon them to death? :D
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    A Phone? And maybe cyber cafe's?

    It's a good idea, as long as it's done uniquely to not be just like GTA and it's also not cumbersome, I'm still newish to GTA and that website page you have to navigate just takes you out of the game... hmmmmm, now that I'm thinking i'm kinda curious how many people would want certain menus...
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    Hypothetical: If Nekrova acquires the rights to APB

    Imagine the mess the code is, after years of incompetent devs...
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    Development Recap March Recap: 107 Central updates, Group functionality & In-game glimpses

    Not trying to be negative (just constructive criticism) kinda felt like half an update, seeing more people on the team and working on 3d models is great! But, would be nice to hear about a lil more
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    Curious about if the whole 'police roleplay' will fit into the Pheonix world..

    Not meaning to turn this into a suggestion thread, but that is an interesting idea, I played for like one day when Apb had that drug mule thing, so some sort of AI interaction, or just world interaction in order to add more to do than pvp would be awesome to see