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  1. mattskoii

    Development Recap April Recap 2018

    Good to see progress happening and congrats on the newer staff, Shame that G1 doesn't have same vocal point with their game, Keep up the good work gents
  2. mattskoii

    WASP Inc

    10/10 Good to be back!
  3. mattskoii

    Development Recap January Recap, and plans for upcoming year

    Can i just like uhh kiss you guys right now with these monthly's to have finally found a group who gives a crap lol xD. ps (no homo).
  4. mattskoii

    Developer Update 15/08/2017 (Edited)

    What about the car mechanics, With G1's current build it's very clunky and pretty much non existent and most of the cars you feel like your driving a truck and there's very little response whilst steering.
  5. mattskoii

    Prototype Progress

    ooooooo lookin good.