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  1. Acorn

    Curious about if the whole 'police roleplay' will fit into the Pheonix world..

    Police roleplay is a thing indeed. Not only Apb but FiveM and other games/mods for games, so I'm just curious if my police clan that started in Apb (it's more just to add pizzazz; it's not roleplay heavy like some in Apb are... er were) So yeah, just curious about that aspect of it fitting into...
  2. Acorn

    Omg, I'm so excited I found this

    Oh my gah, I can't believe I finally found out about this project, I'm so exicted As one who up until recently was a large clan leader, benevolent APB community member, but *cough* thanks to G1 has vowed to never play again, it makes me so glad to see this project: it's like a dream come...