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  1. EddyQiu

    Development Recap July Recap 2018

    Hi Dear, Do you have a thought to launch this project online in pixel or cartoon version first, and then updated it step by step?
  2. EddyQiu

    Prototype Progress

    GOOD JOB, Looks nice!
  3. EddyQiu

    Patreon is now Live!

    Can u add one-time donation option?
  4. EddyQiu

    Nekrova Plans & Plan Board (read before posting)

    Looks nice, why no others reply?
  5. EddyQiu

    Patreon is now Live!

    Hi guys, if u wanna donate this project but dont wanna pay from ur own pockets, u could make free money from finishing online surveys. I found a survey site with high success rate , not like G1's. sry I cant put external link on my signature cuz I received the warning from Mod. If you are...
  6. EddyQiu

    Items prices

    Don't you think it is too early to discuss the price now?
  7. EddyQiu

    Gamersfirst new server

    Ready to accept a large number of russians coming here!
  8. EddyQiu

    Nekrova Forums now live!

    Congratulations for being late,looks very nice!