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  1. Ryan

    Development Recap October Recap 2018

    The Feels of being a human :P
  2. Ryan

    Development Recap August Recap 2018

    Car renders look Amazing :D
  3. Ryan

    WASP Inc

  4. Ryan

    Development Recap April Recap 2018

    Was never saying it was. I was just messing around. forgive me if I offended someone or started something. I'm still going to support nekrova as well. it just nice to see that people still notice a game like apb even with all the mess its had over the years people still think its of some value...
  5. Ryan

    Development Recap April Recap 2018

    Might have some competition now :L
  6. Ryan

    Development Recap April Recap 2018

    Very nice. looking forward for more
  7. Ryan

    Development Recap March Recap, Publisher Announcement and smaller announcements

    Seems to me like Luna is trying to troll us :3
  8. Ryan

    Prototype Progress

    There's nothing wrong with having a PUBG styled game mode at all. The only problem is they all feel like a copy and pasted formula just to gain more money because of how popular they have become over time. If anything, make it original.
  9. Ryan

    Prototype Progress

    Shut up and Take my money already.
  10. Ryan

    Phoenix Q&A Session 1

    Being a hobbyist animator and modeler I'm very hyped to see what comes in the future 1#: Some weapons animations are either locked in two handed or one-handed animations depending on the faction, or weapon they are linked to. Would it be possible to add an animation tab in the character slot...