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    what is atm all planned for Phoenix?

    You should make that a Sticky somewhere visible, as i think this question will arise quiet often the more popular Phoenix gets. Also thanks heaps for this list!!
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    Steam or no Steam...?! Thats the question.

    Personally would favor Steam but as Luna already said, devs have to pay a fee. So a Standalone Version makes lots of sense, especially if you guys are going to implement a Shop (any way you look at it, you will need income to cover any expenses) All the Money will go directly to you and no...
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    Hell[o] [t]here!

    Hell[o] [t]here!
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    I have done it..... “whooop whooop“

    But is that a "Billing issue"?:p
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    Best idea of everyone!

    Color me impressed, will we be able to decorate and style our homes to our liking?
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    TCP/IP Lan support...

    Well considering that the Homepage states that Modding will be available on Private Servers only, i dont see why you couldnt have a dedicated pc on a lan party where the server runs on.
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    Travel between Districts

    Out of words here Luna. This is literally what i was imagining if you´d travel, lets say, from Financial to Social District. Hands down, this is going to be an amazing ride!
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    Travel between Districts

    Another one of those suggestion Threads =P This idea came to me while ago, you surely remember that the Financial District had a Subway Station and the Waterfront lots of Peers. So the idea behind this is that you could use the Subway or Boat to travel to the Social District, if it turns out to...