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  1. TzickyT

    Development Recap May Recap 2018

    i had a good time o;o but i got a ticket ... also verry awesome that we finaly have a clothing specialist
  2. TzickyT

    Creating your own music

    tbh i never liked the apb music editor ( to complicated for my standards ... )
  3. TzickyT

    Huge bug , game not playable.

    i have no clue about wich game u talking about mate
  4. TzickyT

    A Phone? And maybe cyber cafe's?

    ... long story short / a game where u sitting in a cyber cafe player a game to go sit in a cyber cafe? feels like inception o;o
  5. TzickyT

    Lets play a game

    sure welcome o;o i more a fan of owls or elephants than ducks and wabbits
  6. TzickyT

    Omg, I'm so excited I found this

    i got scammed but the person never got a ban for that o;o
  7. TzickyT

    Huge bug , game not playable.

    add to 16 then your sure i would say also ... arent you a bit to early for talking about this ... as the game is stil in ... no deliverance mode o.o ?
  8. TzickyT

    Car armor/chassis mods... and shoot through windows.

    i think that wil be added to concideration when we get to add vehicles in the game
  9. TzickyT

    Development Recap March Recap, Publisher Announcement and smaller announcements

    well guess April fools is fun for those who enjoy it ...
  10. TzickyT


    i would say have a fun and very welcoming stay on the forums... hope u will enjoy
  11. TzickyT

    Curious about if the whole 'police roleplay' will fit into the Pheonix world..

    i m not a role player myself but was also on the enforcer side. in APB i felt like Cops and Crims were just 2 classes in the game. stil i think the story will need to tell everything how the game will run and than u will have your answer
  12. TzickyT


    probebly i m to late o;o welcome o;o
  13. TzickyT

    Development Recap Febuary Recap & March Progress

    i enjoy the pictures a lot o;o
  14. TzickyT

    Armour System

    tbh i don't know anything about armor classes but in apb u had Kevlar and such and it was called upgrades basicly i don't think they focused on anything like this yet but would like to see what they would do if they are going to go for upgrades or just human armor piece additions. i prefer...
  15. TzickyT

    Butt, hip and thigh sliders

    o;o i can imagine now a slider that takes the hips to 1 meter left and right o;o damn ... i didn't want to imagin this lol
  16. TzickyT

    Messing around in unreal editor and other 3D game stuff

    so max speed is 170 o;o and 4 gears o;o thats intresting ...
  17. TzickyT

    Clothing Styles

    tbh i think thats a real cool idea but i would give them time to come up with those things first maybe if u can draw good and make suggestions they maybe can look into the matter to add certain things to it
  18. TzickyT

    Omg, I'm so excited I found this

  19. TzickyT

    Ryoko Yashihiro

    i m verry intrested what the story behind this character wil be and what part she wil be playing. this character looks pretty decent for the game at this moment