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  1. Bran Flakes

    Omg, I'm so excited I found this

    Reminds me of when the removal of the Independence Day event somehow changed the mods on the Birth Vegas 4x4 a few years ago lol.
  2. Bran Flakes

    Lets play a game

    It warned them of an even stronger evil approaching that goes by the name...
  3. Bran Flakes

    Creating your own music

    I would hope that we at least would improve the UI for the music studio if we decide to do it. The thing I always hated about APB's music studio was that it was just this tiny little window when all the other editors were fullscreen.
  4. Bran Flakes

  5. Bran Flakes


    Welcome to the forum Chancer! Like Jenny M. said, you can join the Discord server if you'd like and get the most frequent updates on the development of the project that way. Hopefully with a steady feed of information it won't feel like it takes so long.
  6. Bran Flakes

    Game Night : Review

    He posted a really sketchy looking link that was like a combination of all the big free movie watching site names, so I assumed it was a bot :p
  7. Bran Flakes

    Game Night : Review

    Well at least bots now have the decency to post in Off-Topic. Links removed.
  8. Bran Flakes

    Messing around in unreal editor and other 3D game stuff

    Very nice, and that bloom is looking pretty as always!
  9. Bran Flakes

    Hello everyone

    Hey Mitne, Nice to see you here :D
  10. Bran Flakes

    Items prices

    Nice, I like this payment model. In APB, probably one of the most underpowered guns (3-Slot Shredder) is also one of the most expensive on Armas at around $50. That would be a little less than half of what I would need to buy a real handgun.
  11. Bran Flakes

    Hypothetical: If Nekrova acquires the rights to APB

    Awesome, that's a lot more than I was expecting actually. I really hope that goal is reached. I feel like APB would be in much better hands here.
  12. Bran Flakes

    Hypothetical: If Nekrova acquires the rights to APB

    If Nekrova were to raise enough money to purchase APB from G1, would that affect the lore of Phoenix Project in any way? Would we start to see familiar names and places? Just curious :P
  13. Bran Flakes

    Development Recap 2FA, Web API, and general progress report...

    Nice, really happy to see this is picking up speed :D
  14. Bran Flakes

    Vehicles handled server-side?

    Hey Brendan, not a problem at all, I was more or less just curious of how the game will handle cars, so no big deal. Thanks and welcome to the team :D
  15. Bran Flakes

    Menu/Loading Screen Submission/Idea (Music)

    I was distracted by the original APB theme so I forgot to comment on the one you posted. I do really like it, but it could use a little more something. Like more noise just to make it sound... fuller? Pretty much what the guitar adds to the original theme. I'd also like to add this song here...
  16. Bran Flakes

    Menu/Loading Screen Submission/Idea (Music)

    Gawd, I miss that so much.
  17. Bran Flakes


    New animations based on your mastery levels would be awesome. That's how Killing Floor 2 does it. The higher level you get a weapon type, the more professional the reload and firing animations are to the point where they start to get show-offy in the highest levels. The same thing happens...
  18. Bran Flakes

    Travel between Districts

    Wow, reminds me of the fast travel methods in Tony Hawks American Wasteland. You could get onto a bus, subway, or into a truck to transfer to different levels when in Story Mode, and you were able to move around on the bus or subway car while the new map was loading. I always thought that was...
  19. Bran Flakes

    Patreon is now Live!

    Really looking forward to the future of this game. Though my financial situation won't allow me to donate just yet (Saving up for a Titan X) I'll definitely be donating as soon as I get it all straightened out.