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  1. Brendan

    Development Recap January Recap, and plans for upcoming year

    Howdy Everyone, Hope you all had a great holiday while we’re back in full swing! This year we hope will be a big year for Nekrova and the project. We’re currently aiming to try and complete our social space (107 Central) so you guys and girls will have something tangible to play that’s more...
  2. Brendan

    Development Recap 2017 in Review and Moving into the New Year!

    Howdy Everyone, We know it's been a huge gap since the last update was posted but we are all still working on the project and moving things forward with more concept art, the modeling of 107 Central, and more! You guys are amazing! We now have $200 coming in monthly to further aid us in our...
  3. Brendan

    What are the specs? :)

    What are the specs? :)
  4. Brendan

    Prototype Progress

    Howdy! I know it's been a little over a month since the last update but I want you to know we are all still working on this game as we get busy with some of us getting new jobs and taking some new classes BUT never fear, we're still in gear. Development Updates As many of you are curious as to...
  5. Brendan

    Use of weapon Modifications change weapon look...

    (My personal thoughts on the idea) I think that having a visual difference by having certain accessories such as an optical sight or extended mag would be cool, as for a functional standpoint within the engine I'm sure it's possible but I'm still learning all of what the engine can do myself...
  6. Brendan

    Custom missions for other players

    @MoeEveryWeek (Just my personal thoughts) I kinda like the idea of having a hit list type system but it would be best to put some restrictions on it, how many times a day, on who, and not make it a high monetary amount, something cool would be to have a dark web of some type where people can put...
  7. Brendan

    Ryoko Yashihiro

    Ryoko Yashihiro | 23 | 5"2 | Single | Occupation: Cyber Security | Status: Deployed | Ryoko Yashiro is a relatively young field agent working with the Blue Eagles. She has been known to hack into enemy systems, cause havoc and gather information about our enemy. She's a vital ally to have...
  8. Brendan

    Development Recap 2FA, Web API, and general progress report...

    Howdy! First off, I want to say thank you to all of you supporting and following the community closely! We want this game to shine as much as you do and as our team grows we progress even more to get a functional tdm (team deathmatch) demo out to balance guns, moveability and more. I plan to do...
  9. Brendan

    Car armor/chassis mods... and shoot through windows.

    Hi @SpeedyCat @Kewlin @Liorath Luna is planning on making the windows of vehicles to where you cannot shoot through them, because he thinks it'd create an unbalanced situation where the chase would be ended quickly simply because the driver is killed easily. He also mentioned having the...
  10. Brendan

    Menu/Loading Screen Submission/Idea (Music)

    (Personal thoughts, don't take this as a definite yes/no/maybe) Personally, I think it's a tad too much, I'm really fond of the original menu screen music from APB, but that's just my take on it.
  11. Brendan

    Use of weapon Modifications change weapon look...

    You mean something like this? ;)
  12. Brendan

    Vehicles handled server-side?

    Hi @Bran Flakes I've yet to be informed on how we plan to implement this (due to me just joining the team), but I'll be sure to get you answer and update this thread. Sorry for the lack of response, and thank you for your support of the Pheonix project.
  13. Brendan

    TCP/IP Lan support...

    (The following is my own thoughts, not the official verdict or official team's thoughts on the matter) I think that the catch behind modded servers is that you just don't progress at all, if you have mods or even using your own servers, you won't be able to progress your character, as for an...
  14. Brendan

    killcam to enable/disable

    Personally (these thoughts do not reflect the team's stance of the idea), I'm not very fond of kill cams for it gives away the position of the enemy if they were able to kill you from a discreet location. It wouldn't be appropriate to then show you where they were because you died by them, and...
  15. Brendan

    Car armor/chassis mods... and shoot through windows.

    I'll bring up your ideas and your concerns up with the team and see where we stand on the ability to shoot through vehicle windows or not.
  16. Brendan

    Siren sounds and light patterns...

    Wow siren patterns do sound cool but I would fear the same ear piercing sounds that a player could create with that much CREATIVE POWER, but I'll get some more feedback on this from the team and update this thread soon. Thanks for the suggestions guys!
  17. Brendan

    Emote suggestion

    Hello and thanks for the idea @RyanCooper I'll make sure your idea gets in front of the devs and director and see how and if it fits into the game. We'll update this thread soon with some more info on where we stand.
  18. Brendan

    what is atm all planned for Phoenix?

    Can't wait!!! :D So excited for all of this.
  19. Brendan

    Hyped to be supporting this project!

    Hyped to be supporting this project!