phoenix project

  1. Luna

    Development Recap November Recap 2018

    Another month, another recap. Don’t worry, this month won’t be as sappy as last month. That said, we do want to say that the next recap will be a bit later as well, since we’ll be recapping the entirety of 2018. So please be patient for that. Now, lets get onto the fun stuff! Recently we’ve...
  2. Luna

    Development Recap May Recap 2018

    Good <Insert time of day> everyone. How are you all doing, good? Well, regardless if you said "yes" to either of those questions (this thing only works one way while writing you know?...) its time to screw with Dickey again and throw in some names he can't pronounce :meowheart: So, what's new...
  3. Brendan

    Ryoko Yashihiro

    Ryoko Yashihiro | 23 | 5"2 | Single | Occupation: Cyber Security | Status: Deployed | Ryoko Yashiro is a relatively young field agent working with the Blue Eagles. She has been known to hack into enemy systems, cause havoc and gather information about our enemy. She's a vital ally to have...
  4. Luna

    F.A.Q. (Freaking Annoying Questions)

    Dear Everyone, and newbies... Since these topics keep popping up, here's a quick F.A.Q. to answer your questions. Does the FAQ not answer your question? Feel free to pm me your question, or reach out to me on discord. Q) Is Phoenix APB 2.0? A) No, Phoenix is a spiritual successor to APB, in the...
  5. Luna

    Website Update 17/08/2017

    Hello everyone, You might've already noticed this, but here are today's patch notes: Main page: Fixed various typo's (e.g Pheonix instead of Phoenix) Fixed mobile navigation (invisible links in menu) Fixed mobile pre-caching that could cause phones to crash Improved optimisation Fixed...
  6. Luna

    Developer Update 15/08/2017 (Edited)

    Dear everyone, Its with pleasure that I bring you today's Developer Update. Forums: Added Extra roles for each developer type (e.g artist, programmer, etc) Fixed issues regarding the forum theme Fixed URL re-directs to an older version of the forums Added extra obtainable achievements Removed...