Clan wars (enf vs crim)


Fresh Blood
Feb 25, 2018
Clan wars would be amazing, enforcers against criminals in the style of APB. Crims would do objectives and enforcers would defend. U know how it is in APB.

-There must be a ranking system aswell, something like ELO.

-The top 5-10 clan in the game (on the server) could get some unicum stuff like:
-unicum cars that cant be unlocked or achieved (or something) xD

-There could be something like Global Map

Region wars

-each region in the district can be captured by clans. They just need to defeat the clan that has the region already.
-these fights would be planned one day ahead
For example : if the clan has 100 player not everybody would fight. There would be like a 10vs10 mode or 20vs20 mode.
-if they defeat the clan and get the region, the clan would get money and (materials) to the clan storage.

District wars

-the top clans that captured the most regions in the district and got the best ELO points would fight between each other.
-the clan that wins and get the District would get some reward (p2w cash, ingame cash)
-the clan that have the district would not have it forever. There would be a season or something. Everything would reset (region,district). So the clans could get another chance.

Clan Upgrading

-Every region in the district would get a clan building.
Example : district has 5 regions, in every region is a clan building.
The clan building could not be damaged but could get sprayed by graffitti.
the clan commander could upgrade the structure of the building from the materials. (Ofc the upgrading would cost alot of materials that can be earned by winning clan wars)

Anything from this would be awesome.
Tell your suggestions and ideas about this. ^^


Killing Addict
Mar 24, 2018
I understand from the above that you desire a clan war system. But I dont see how capturing areas will work. The grounds are limited but the clans are not you could just always create a clan with a few memebers. And then fight others... You see you limited to war to equal numbers on both sides. This is not a medieval-Empire style game and I do not imagine it working. However, replacing the clans with fixed factions like yakuza , gangs , police , mafia and lot fits with the above. One player could be elected the leader for the faction and there would be politics in place to bring them down in various scenarios.