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Feb 5, 2020
I had a few ideas flying around in my glitchy head which i thought could be useful to share.

APB supports two different game modes with both modes offering two different maps. All four of the platforms offers same type of playing – there is no change which causes new players to lose interest fairly quickly and more dedicated players to lose interest eventually. Since the project is planned{?} to work in a similar pattern, it should definitely work as a super competitive platform.
Making the third-person shooting side of the project work as a super competitive and skill-based platform would suck loads of players who would dedicate absurd amounts of time to the game. Eventually if the game itself is good enough and everything works out like a dream, Phoenix could be the first TPS to reach the eSports scene.
Even if Phoenix wouldn't reach huge popularity, this could ensure the playerbase to stay sufficient to keep the game running because of the good competitive platform.
I've played APB way too much and literally the inadequacy of the game itself made me quit. Most people who were decent in the game didn't want to play against me because they thought i was cheating. Also after having probably around 1,000 h in FC alone made the game feel like too plain and simple.
With more robust playerbase caused by good matchmaking and proper platform as a competitive game i would've kept playing APB.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a pretty fair example. It's pretty much all skill-based with a super competitive platform. CS:GO includes the same idea as APB but has more maps and the game is FPS minus of course P2W.

The maps & missions should be thought of well and played around with trial and error so the attackers & defenders roles aren't unequal. This also doomed the new players to join APB since more experienced players abused a lot of tactics in the game.

Another thing which should be thought of well, is matchmaking. Implementing a good, working one makes the base to the gaming experience for everyone.
More threats is at least an important step withing the system. That is, if the ranks and threats are based on the style APB has. ( also just saying, the green, bronze, silver, gold are super ugly – at least the first two )

I read the game won't support microtransactions but imho the game should, in the form of cosmetic upgrades. Also some form of rarity is important. e.g patterns of some weapon skins would definitely spice the economy up withing the game.
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