F.A.Q. (Freaking Annoying Questions)

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Phoenix Lead Director
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Aug 14, 2017
Dear Everyone, and newbies...
Since these topics keep popping up, here's a quick F.A.Q. to answer your questions.
Does the FAQ not answer your question? Feel free to pm me your question, or reach out to me on discord.

Q) Is Phoenix APB 2.0?
A) No, Phoenix is a spiritual successor to APB, in the sense that we're going for the same feeling, but a lot of elements will be different.

Of course we aim to offer the same level of customization, but we also want to add a bunch of non-pvp oriented content so friends who are not into that sort of game play can still enjoy things, such as designing their own clothes, or those of other people. Shopping at the brand new shopping area. Watching movies at the cinema. Gambling your hard-earned money away at the casino. Dancing at the clubs and bars or Watching player made art at the Art Gallery, We want to give players a lot of fun and interesting things to do!

Q) When will the game be out?
A) When we're satisfied with it to the point we deem it release worthy.

Q) How long do you think it'll take?
A) We've split the project up into 3 playable stages, stage 1 could be completed within 2 years of full time development, but we're not full time developers, so it will most likely take a bit longer.

Q) Will Gamers First(or Reloaded Productions) Sue you and try to take this project down?
A) Gamers First and Reloaded Productions are the same company, but to answer the question, No, they will not. They can try, but they have no legal leg to stand on because:
1. The Phoenix Project is set in a new and unique city
2. The Phoenix Project has its own unique story un-related to APB
3. The Phoenix Project does NOT use any of APB's code or models
4. Ideas cannot be copyrighted, patented or trademarked.

Q) What do you guys do with patreon/paypal money?
A) We have monthly audit logs that are open to the public (though, donators get to see them a bit earlier) These logs detail EXACTLY what your money is used for, as well as how much we've gotten.
The money we get from donations is primarily spend on servers, hosting costs, licence costs, commission work etc.
Money not spend in a month will not vanish magically, but instead will be saved up in case un-expected things happen (e.g hardware failure that needs to be accounted for)

Q) If the game makes/gets enough donation money will you buy APB from G1?
A) Yes, definitely, if the chance comes, and we have enough money, we'd definitely be up for buying APB from Gamers First!

Q) What happens if the project doesn't get funded/fails?
A) This project started out as a passion project, the funds do help us a LOT to make things possible, but if we didn't these funds, it doesn't means the project has "failed" we'll keep working on things slowly till its the game we want to make.
In the event of a catastrophic failure (e.g project files get lost, team splits up, random lawsuits that drag on for years) We'll still keep going, though, at a slower speed.
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