Development Recap February 2019


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Aug 14, 2017
Another Month, another recap.
And, this time on time coughs....

Anyway, I'm going to use this segment to talk about the current state of the project, and our plans for the upcoming month.
As noted many times before, this is, a volunteer project, and as such, we'll always lack resources in one way or another.

Due to a few changes in my own schedule, and that of Jer, both of us rarely have time to do some actual work on the core gameplay.

Altough creating a character, logging in, joining a server and seeing each other is working fine.
Other core systems are lacking people who are able to work on them. Which may delay our planned public test sessions even further.

These systems being the in-game chat system, implementing the UI systems (radar, health, etc), implementing the basis of the inventory systems and the player information systems (e.g player name above their head, their chosen titles, etc).

All of these things takes skilled people who can dedicate time to programming these features. And, as such, I'm sending out another cry for help.
If you can program, or know some one who can, we're looking for your help to make this game a reality.

If you've already applied, but haven't received a response from me, please contact me on discord directly between Mondays and Fridays.

Now, As for what we'll be working on this upcoming month. We will primarily focus on adding the actual texture and prop work to the city, this should make it look a lot better, and you can already see some of the texture work below.

As for finding programmers, I'll be asking around at my university to see if there are people willing to help, as well as browse the internet looking for new team members.

But, I'll put all that aside for now and focus on the stuff we actually DID complete this month.


Queen's Work:

Treecko's Work:
Westcoco's Work:
Moore's Work:
Rider's Work:
Darky's Work:


So, short recap overall, at least, in terms of words,
Sprinkled in are the new interns and their work so far, considering they started recently we sure had a few moments where we had to get things fixed up, setup, etc.

But, they've been a great asset so far, 2 of which have been focused on texture work, while the others have been doing some modeling. Their passion for making games and game development in general sure is inspiring.

On the same note, I (Luna) will be attending Gamescom again this year, but, this year, I'll be bringing a box of shirts and special Nekrova stickers with me.
(The same kind some of you already received). Some of these stickers are glow-in-the-dark, while others are holographic stickers. I might send some to our Patreon supporters as well as a thank you, but these are exclusive ones. They feature old designs of the logo's, and if they're out, there'll NEVER be other made again.

So, first come, first serve. (Also, the first 3 people who manage to spot me at gamescom while wearing my cosplay outfit, I'll treat to free pizza)
I'll be attending on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so don't bother trying to spot me on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

And with that short post, I wish you all a nice day.

Until next month.
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