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Phoenix Lead Director
Staff member
Phoenix Lead Director
Level Designer
Aug 14, 2017
Heya Everyone, Luna here.

Apologies for the rather late update as quite a few things have changed in the past month which took some time to process. But that's not why you're here, so lets get started! (Also trying out a new format)

First and foremost:
There have been some changes in our team lately which we do have to address.
Although our community manager Brendan won't be leaving the team, he has decided it was time for him to move on and focus his efforts on his work. He will still be on our team as an adviser as well as other tasks, but sadly due to his own reasons, he will no longer be bringing you his lovely monthly updates.

New Old Faces:
Some of you may know Peter, some don't... That's completely understandable, hell I too forgot about him until he recently hunted me down and asked me nicely to rejoin the team....
Long story short, when we broke off from the older group to become our own thing, not everyone moved over. However, Peter joined the team! He'll be taking care of
game play specific programming such as the lobby system and peer to peer connections.

Gamescom 2018 Meet & Greet:
Part of the team decided to go to Gamescom 2018 this year (That big German convention in August).
You might be thinking "Luna, that's so far away, and why are you guys even going?..."
Well, multiple reasons actually... But for most, its a pretty far and expensive trip, so we're announcing it ahead of time so you guys(and girls) can prepare.
For those who do manage to go and meet us, there may or may not be a nice gift for you.

Luna Personal moment:
Now, don't raise your pitchforks, I'm not "Quitting Phoenix".
Due to personal changes, it has become increasingly hard for me to dedicate the time I would like to spend on the project. As such, my duties of being the main programmer on the project have shifted to the 2 new programmers on the project, and 4 who hopefully will join the team later on after they have passed the test.

Of course you can always email me at Luna (at), or pm me on discord, just don't expect a direct response.

This is only temporarily however and should change around the summer.

"What's the deal with all the 3D and art pics?!"
Alright, so, we actually hear this a LOT, people who would love to see "Game-play" progress rather than pretty art pictures. But like so many people say "Show, Don't Tell"

Its hard to showcase game play elements using static images, and the best way to show how far things are visually. The programming team often uses elements the art teams to use and test things.

That all said, some pretty cool things have been made, our art wizard Kitpashka tried his hand at making environmental concept art and it came out looking great!

Darky worked on the new arcade and concert/event hall:
Darky, our amazing lead level designer, worked on the new arcade and North Jamz concert hall,
Now you might be asking "Why do you need these buildings"

Well, North Jamz is used by us developers to test visual effects and audio in a controlled environment, so the building is made to allow us to easily modify its interior without much hassle.

On the other hand the "Star Screen Arcade" both being a nod to a certain game, also functions as a way for players to obtain more "Rare" items.
(Don't worry there aren't any gambling mechanics involved)

More soon(tm)

So what happened game wise?:
Its been a while since we talked about this, hasn't it?
So, what's been worked on, by who, and all that jazz....

Let me start off by showing this:

That's right, we're still working hard on things, and recently split our main prototype branch into two new branches.
This is because our older prototype branch was getting filled with countless older placeholder code, models, textures, etc.
And to keep file sizes down, and things organized, we have opted to slowly re-do our older stuff...

After all, after 6 months of programming, people tend to learn things...

This doesn't mean that programming wise we're going back to square one, Ameer has been working on car driving mechanics, and SHOODOX has been assigned to work on movement stuff which will be added to the base version later on.

"Fancy words, but when can we play it?"
Our current aim is to have something playable around the end of the summer break. This isn't a promise, but something we want ourselves too.
As it allows us to
receive early feedback and change elements while they're still easily changeable. And it gives you, the community something fun.

And that's about it for today, stay tuned while we work on more things


Field Runner
Oct 20, 2017
Aww yis, I'll be looking forward to what u guys have to offer in the future, keep up the good work!


Field Runner
Sep 20, 2017
Thanks for the updates. & Hope you guys can make that late summer deadline to give us a taste of what your guys been brewing up lately. & also love the concept art keep it coming.


Fresh Blood
Feb 28, 2018
Keep it up guys, Godspeed ! You are the exact opposite of Gamersfirst, which I love. All the way up ! Best of luck !