Development Recap July Recap 2018


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Phoenix Lead Director
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Aug 14, 2017
So, The pizza was delicious.

But there's a monthly recap to do, so here it goes.

With Games com approaching, I've been working more behind the scenes, talking with lawyers, accountants, and all that stuff...
So, what's changed, and what will change?

Well, nothing much has changed in the past month, but in the upcoming month I will attend Games Com, I can't talk for the rest of the team, but if you do head there, I'll be there from Monday till Saturday, you'll most likely find me around Nintendo's booth on the show floor, so come say hi~

Also, as a special present, for those who go to Games com, there will be nekrova t-shirts.

These designs are unique and only for those who meet us at Games Com, so hey, a little bit of bragging right.
There are only 40 in total as well, so when they're gone, they're gone. (10 smalls, 10 mediums and 10 large and 10 extra large)

Well, fuck...

As a European, I can say this, fuck this summer....
Our productivity essentially went out of the window as we were fighting off the summer heat, not a lot of work was done as we were all trying to survive this terrible weather... And people say global warming is a myth....

Well, despite the heat, somehow Leroy got some work done, I have no clue how.... but I do have to say that it looks really nice... the way he makes everything modular also allows us to change things later on, lets say you want to attach a red dot, or a scope, we can add those things visually on the model, rather than making separate weapon models!

Leroy also worked on some night-time scenes,
Its interesting to see his amazing texture and lighting work.


Honestly, Annily really is an artist through and through, constantly wanting to do better, wanting to make things look more amazing and jaw dropping...
Since our website is getting rather out-of-date, I asked her to start working on a new site. and well...

Its starting to look really nice...

Despite Finn being rather new to 3D modeling, I do see him improve quite a lot in a short amount of time,
I don't say it often enough, but I am proud of the progress he made with his 3D work.

I don't really know what to say about Ameer, well, other than the fact that he's a car-nut...
I'm pretty sure that if you gave him a million bucks, he'd spend it on mods for his car...

Then again, he does have talent, and its kind of fun to see him work on things.

Meanwhile at the programming team:

Honestly guys and girls... make sure you stay hydrated....
Anyway, part of the team went to japan, part of the team still IS in japan...

And then there's me, sitting here dealing with paperwork...

Jokes aside, we didn't do much programming wise this month, Tzicky continued to work on the movement stuff, while Conquestor started work on the in-game chat and chat commands.
And Jer.... Jer was working on server networking, automatically letting players connect to a district server and syncing their positions...
Cause in his own words, "Not doing stuff cause it's hot, sounds really boring"

I'll increase the font-size for this one because its kind of important...
I have to come clean and tell you all, that our financial state... Is fucking well balanced!

Okay okay, I'll stop joking around, its been about 6 months since our last financial disclosure, so I'm adding it here:

As you can see, our income and expenses are well balanced, which also meant that we could, you know, actually pay the people for the stuff we use.
Like, paying Xenforo 400$ for using their software (its what the forums run on)
Or paying the guy who made this sexy theme...

That said, I do have to thank everyone for making it possible to finance all this, I'll write an more extensive disclosure of expenses later this month where you can see what exactly was paid for with your money.

Additionally, I've been working on getting Nekrova registered at the trade office, this should happen after games com,
This isn't some evil plan to become EA, or anything like that, the reason is 2 fold, Legal Liability, and Financial reasons.

Right now, all the legal burden of this project rests on me, if the project gets sued, I get sued.
After registering Nekrova at the trade office, the legal stuff will fall onto Nekrova as an organization, meaning none of the members on the team can be held responsible. This also means that if some one does decide to be an asshole, we wouldn't have to shutdown the entire project to defend ourselves.

The other reason is purely financial, and I don't mean it in the "I want all your money" sense.
Right now, the patreon and other donations are being seen as my own personal income, while, in fact, its not, I don't even spend it on my own...
But I still have to pay income tax over it... And when buying stuff for nekrova, I pay VAT as well (value added tax).

When Nekrova is registered with the trade office, we can deduct those 2 taxes, essentially allowing us to have more money.
Which is a good thing, as we do need quite a lot of stuff to make this game happen.

With that said, nothing will change, weather or not nekrova is a organization, a company, or just a group of close friends making games,
We're still humans, and we still love you guys.

With Love,
Nekrova Luna
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Sep 20, 2017
Sad to see not to much was worked on in July but what you have shown with the 3d models looks really nice the guns, the cars, everything looks nice even the new website design looks cool. & also happy to see that you are in the process of getting Nekrova set up with the trademarks and the such.


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Apr 12, 2018
I got a notification on my phone... Sleepy, with one eye, I read the notification...

Straight outta sleepy mode I run out of my bed to turn on the PC. Here I am reading the recap! :D
No matter the work done, you guys still work.


Apr 18, 2018
Keep up the great work guys!, honestly amazing work in this intense heat.


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Sep 22, 2017
Hi Dear,

Do you have a thought to launch this project online in pixel or cartoon version first, and then updated it step by step?


Apr 2, 2018
Hi Dear,

Do you have a thought to launch this project online in pixel or cartoon version first, and then updated it step by step?
Just look at their plan there it is exactly stated how and what they are going to do.


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Dec 8, 2017
i think he is talking about visual style of game . it will be stylized realism not cartoony
Hi Dear,

Do you have a thought to launch this project online in pixel or cartoon version first, and then updated it step by step?
visual style of game will be stylized realism so no cartoony