Development Recap June recap 2018


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Aug 14, 2017
Good afternoon, Luna Delrey here, I'd like to order some pizza's please...
What do you mean this isn't a pizza place Google?...

Oh, what I'm saying gets input into the forums...

Welcome Everyone!
To another recap.

Also, note to Dickey, I haven't thrown in new names to screw with you this time around

The last month, nothing much happened on the team,
Tarzo ended up departing from the team due to personal reasons and we're currently working on some behind-the-scenes stuff team wise.

We're also working on some things to help better manage the project.
Apart from that, there were also some shifts in terms of leadership.
Darky and Ade became the team heads of the 3D team and Jer was promoted to head of the programming team, together with me (Luna)

This month darky finished work on the enforcer's social space, and added some extra eye-candy renders of the work done so far:

(The top floor will be a bar where you can lookout over the city, the other floors are apartments players can rent/instance to have their own place with friends)

Ade's also been hard at work this month, working on the base character model:


And last but not least, Finn *trink trink*

And last but not least, Brandon with some sound effects:

Jer's been focusing this month primarily on getting the user account stuff to work properly, and above that, make it awesome, some w-i-p peeks:

The fun part of being in this project, Everyone has their own thing going for them, the passion you feel and the things that just happen...
Two of our developers are going to Japan soon, and the rest of the team asked them to take reference pictures straight away!

Its kind of crazy how these things grow and end up going, but hey! its been a fun ride so far!
And with a bit of luck, we'll make that end of summer deadline. Thank you all for your support.

Luna out!

Oh and also:
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Sep 20, 2017
looking great love these monthly updates & also really love those UI sounds.


King of Poland
Dec 3, 2017
Quality development
I love everything so far. UL sounds needs some tune down tho(might be too hardcore even for me).
Also Detroit: Become Human 2 confirmed to be created from Nekrova? :p


Field Runner
Aug 15, 2017
holy crap, love these ui sounds and the models
keep it up


Killing Addict
Mar 24, 2018
reminds me, the base character model is a female compared to the generic punk male in a baseball style outfit in apb?