Nekrova Plans & Plan Board (read before posting)


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Phoenix Lead Director
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Aug 14, 2017
Dear everyone, below are the current plans for the Phoenix Project, as well as a link to our plan board, so you can see what our plans are, and what's currently being worked on.

For an up-to-date view of what's currently being worked on and planned, please check our trello page:

As of today: (19/08.2017) the game is divided into 3 main stages of production.

Stage 1:
Stage 1's goal is to get the core game play done, and open it up to the patreons so we can get proper feedback on the game, and ensure that the core gameplay is fun to play
  • New social district, 107 Central
  • 2 Arena Combat maps for weapon balancing, combat tweaking etc
  • Cinema with youtube video player
  • Login/Character creator (basic version)
  • Realm Select
  • The ability to transit between the 3 areas without using menus (subway carts, teleport etc.)
  • Weapon Inventory (being able to own multiple types of weapons)
  • Chat system
  • Party System
  • Clan System
Stage 2: Social Expansion
Stage 2 will expand on the core game and allow for non-combat oriented methods of play
  • Stat Expanding the social area by adding stores, gun shops, a black market for player trading, garage for car customization, unique stores for multiple clothing styles
  • Character customizer (expanded)
  • Casino in the social area
  • Expanding the combat districts further, and introducing new game modes, such as capture the flag, king of the hill, races etc.
  • Introducing 2 of the 4 new factions (low tier npc's)
  • Adding the decal editors
  • Adding character outfit editors
  • Adding car editors
  • Adding weapon workbenches (larger clips, different scope, etc, weapon skins will be unlocked through gameplay and other special things)
Stage 3: Chaos and Launch
Stage 3 is reached when we complete the game, which is a long way from now, but here are a few goals we want for it:
  • 2 Big open districts to run around in, do missions in, and progress the main story line in
  • 1 Big social district that offers the player multiple non-pvp oriented things to do, so friends who aren't into shooters, can still enjoy the game
  • Clan vs Clan combat systems, where clans can take control over city blocks
  • 4 factions that are taking it out on the whole city, which you as a player can join and find out who they are, what their story is, and what makes them tick.
  • Car music streaming, so you can listen to music together
  • full voip support (maybe with mouth animations and stuff)
  • A large amount of weapons, weapon skins, and customization options (we want to give APB a run for its money)
Plans/ideas that don't have a set date, but we're seriously considering:
  • Faction based player/clan housing, I myself love having my own place to relax at and decorate, so its definitely something we'll try working on
  • Clan content such as clan owned city blocks, where clans can duke it out once a week for control over a certain area
  • Global stats database/leader boards, you want to know how well you're doing compared to the others, right?
  • Global Story progression, This might be the hardest things to pull off, but the idea is to essentially change the city a bit after each month, depending on which faction is dominating that month's missions.
  • Some other stuff that's escaping my brain and I'll probably ninja edit in here at a later date...
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Nov 2, 2017
Thank you so much for making this game. I really hope it's as amazing as we all dream and know it can be. And hopefully you all become filthy rich in the process because the game is so incredible. I can't wait to play this XD


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Apr 6, 2018
Really hyped for this game, im a huge fan of APB but this looks to blow out mostly everything in the water, cannot extend enough gratitude to the team who is making this game. id pay a hundred bucks even if its good enough. SO READY


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Mar 24, 2018
I have something to add for a faction based clan housing . Make it a club for a faction and an hq for the other (if you are going with something close to enforcers and criminals) with purchaseable furniture and wallpaper & tiles with ingame money, kinda like create a home in sims but a stripped down version.