Nekrova, The GDPR and You!


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Phoenix Lead Director
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Aug 14, 2017
its 1 day until the new European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) law goes in effect.

And of course, a lot of companies are scrambling to have you agree to new terms because they have to abide by these new laws...

Well, so do we! So, as a refresher, here's our current privacy policy and what we collect.
And what your rights are.
What information we hold about you

The type of data that we collect and process includes:
  • Your Username.
  • Your email address.
  • Your IP address.
Further data may be collected if you choose to share it, such as if you fill out fields on your profile.
We collect some or all of this information in the following cases:

  • You register as a member on this site.
  • You fill out our contact form.
  • You browse this site. See "Cookie policy" below.
  • You fill out fields on your profile.
How your personal information is used

We may use your personal information in the following ways:
  • For the purposes of making you a registered member of our site, in order for you to contribute content to this site.
  • We may use your email address to inform you of activity on our site. (or send you security notices)
  • Your IP address is recorded when you perform certain actions on our site. Your IP address is never publicly visible.
How your personal information isn't being used

  • We don't log chat, private or otherwise.
  • We don't keep track of your system hardware (except when you send in a crash report)
  • We don't keep track of your friends, what clans you're in, your sexual orientation, how old you are, what your birthday is, where you live, and or what your dinner was this morning.

You have a right to access the personal data we hold about you or obtain a copy of it. To do so please contact us. If you believe that the information we hold for you is incomplete or inaccurate, you may contact to ask us to complete or correct that information.

You also have the right to request the erasure of your personal data. Please contact us if you would like us to remove your personal data.

Additionally, with the new forums we've added the ability for you yourself to remove/terminate your account/service with us. This removes everything we have on you and you are in complete control over your own data*.
*With the exception of your account status, e.g if you're banned, removing/terminating your account does not magically un-ban you. Likewise, your username/login details remain locked in the off-chance you want to re-activate your account.

Keeping your data secure

We are committed to ensuring that any information you provide to us is secure. In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, we have put in place suitable measures and procedures to safeguard and secure the information that we collect.

American/Non-European citizens
You might not be European, which is fine too, in that case, well, nothing, congrats, you now have some extra European rights! Jokes aside, these privacy rules are for everyone.

Additionally, we refuse to share information with government agencies unless we're handed a court order that is valid in Europe,