No loading screens.


Apr 18, 2018
I'm taking the example from APB for this one.

To change districts you'd have to go back to the district select screen, select the district and then sit through a loading screen.

The thing i would like to go with this is, have an open world, e.g Social connected to (idk any of the named of the action districts) Financial on the one side (having a virtual border where if you cross that border, you get connected to the things that level you up in that particular district, same with Waterfront.

That would probably also eliminate multiple district servers, as there is a massive open world in 1 district server i would assume, i don't know if this is possible at all.

But it's just a suggestion ^^


Killing Addict
Mar 24, 2018
Thats an interesting idea , but very resource inefficient. I understand being able to change districts by moving to the certain area of the map. The loading screen to load the new map and connect to district should still be there though as
1. It means less load on a server , therefore the load is spread to multiple servers. (Its like having a single person lift a chariot or having multiple people lifting it. Btw is chariot the correct word even?)
2.45 people jumping in the social district and acting all ninja wouldnot effect your shooting the other ninja in front of you in mission district.
3.If you noticed , social district is way faster than mission districts ( i did because i got 16-22 on minimum in there while i used to get 2-15 in mission ones)
4.having loading screens would mean that some weaker computers can enjoy the game as well!

An interesting example would be the open cities mod for skyrim, it drastically effects performance. Couple that with a sever and then you'd need also a decent internet just to keep up.
Like i said nice idea, but not very efficient.