Development Recap November Recap 2018


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Phoenix Lead Director
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Aug 14, 2017
Another month, another recap.

Don’t worry, this month won’t be as sappy as last month.
That said, we do want to say that the next recap will be a bit later as well, since we’ll be recapping the entirety of 2018. So please be patient for that.

Now, lets get onto the fun stuff!

Recently we’ve gone around and posted some recruitment messages online as we’re in dire need for some new people to help us make this game.
(You can find them here: and here: INAT/comments/a0t5h5 )

From these requests, we’re glad to announce 1 new member joining our team
rider95, who will be working on textures and materials, you can see some of his/her work in the art update below.

As mentioned above, Rider95 has recently joined our team, his/her work is a tad rough around the edges, but shows amazing potential and we’re interested to see how well his/her work will translate to unreal engine, you can see the work here:

Besides Rider, Darky has also been at it with some new buildings as you can see here:

Leroy has been practicing a bit with zbrush, picking up where adhye left:


And Annily has been playing around with the logo some more, as you might’ve already spotted on our YouTube channel:

This month, a bit of “under the hood” work has been done in relation to getting some core systems working, stuff like storing player’s settings and inventory has been the primary focus for me this month, however, that stuff, isn’t visible. So Instead, I’ve also been dicking around with rainbow materials as you can see in real time here:

We were also planning on showing off some of the early movement system, but after reviewing it, we’ve decided it was a tad too buggy to properly show off this time… Back to the drawing board.

Well, what to say? This month has been a busy month with getting more stuff done and working behind the scenes than in front of the scenes, the team shrunk a lot as people have been focusing on their studies, jobs and other real-life obligations, so I can’t really complain about the phase. And I’m glad that some of the team members still manage to find time to work on things.

Its been about a year since we’ve started to work on this properly and we’ve gotten far…
Next recap we’ll be looking back on the year, but for now, I’ll wish everyone happy holidays.

Luna out.


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Sep 20, 2017
Nice. also can't wait to see the year recap to see what y'all have done within the year.