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Aug 18, 2017

I know it's been a little over a month since the last update but I want you to know we are all still working on this game as we get busy with some of us getting new jobs and taking some new classes BUT never fear, we're still in gear.

Development Updates
As many of you are curious as to the progress of the prototype where you can use some of the custom weapons we've made and test them out here is what's working and what needs to be done before we can release something out for you to log in and try out.

  • Players can login
  • Players can connect to the FFA PVP area
  • Third person/First person toggle works
  • Hit reg works
  • Killing people works
  • Round matches work
  • Pickups work
  • Movement works (except for crouching)
  • Net code movement works
  • Players can see the servers before joining
  • Day/Night Cycle
    (With proper moon trajectory, so you can witness solar/lunar eclipses without burning your eyes out)
  • Social game modes are being worked on (Slot machines, cinema movie player, music player etc)
  • Dockyard (battle arena) is being worked on
  • 107 Central's' layout is still being worked on
  • Placeholder weapon needs to be replaced by the G36C
  • Placeholder player model needs to be replaced
  • Placeholder hud needs to been replaced
  • Make the Chat behave properly (with multiple channels)
  • Fix pc names showing up as in the kill feed/chat feed instead of usernames
What Needs To Be Completed For Public Testing
  • Battle Arena needs to be balanced and finished
  • New weapon models need to be added (G36C)
  • New base player model and animations need to be added
We've experienced some issues getting VS to compile after renaming some files and folders which has been VERY frustrating.

Here is a sneak peak of the Dockyard, a mixture of closed and open spaces to fight in, this large complex was built to distribute a lot of goods back in the day, some of which might have been less than legal, ships coming in from all corners of the world containing many things.

Now, police have been tipped off for suspicious activity in the area, and have initiated a raid on the warehouse, the many closed and open spaces make it hard to spot your enemy, and you need to stay on your toes at all times because enemies can be coming from every corner.

The indoor area consists of 4 main warehouse rooms, and corridors/one way drops connecting them together there are multiple ways in and out of rooms, so you can never be sure where people are there are also ways to the outer area, which is more open space, but less finished.

The Day/Night cycle has been connected to a global timetable making it so the 24 hours in-game is the same in real life and the moon follows the direction that the real world follows and we could have solar and lunar eclipses, while this feature is awesome, we're considering using it and it is not set in stone if the game's time will be the same time as in the real world.

Added to that, is also a brand new experimental weather system, based on the season/time, so you can get hail storms, rain, snow, and everything in between exactly when its supposed to happen!

Other News
We have a new Music/Sound Designer on the team @Brandon(not to be confused with me, @Brendan), he is going to be helping with creating sounds and music for the game as a whole.

Be sure to follow us to stay informed on what progress we've made and what's next by following us on various social media outlets below.
Team Twitter
Team Twitch
(If you don't like Patreon or only want to donate once, you can use PayPal to send it to [email protected] every tiny bit helps!)

I hope to put out more updates soon!
Best Regards,
The Nekrova Team
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Nov 6, 2017
Please don't make it fortnite alike, make it detailed. make a game that will push people towards playing it. not just having fun.
although, nice progress guys you're going at the right way.


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Dec 3, 2017
Please don't make it fortnite alike, make it detailed. make a game that will push people towards playing it. not just having fun.
although, nice progress guys you're going at the right way.
I agree with that.
We already have enough PUBGs and all kind of battle royale games.


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Aug 16, 2017
I agree with that.
We already have enough PUBGs and all kind of battle royale games.
There's nothing wrong with having a PUBG styled game mode at all. The only problem is they all feel like a copy and pasted formula just to gain more money because of how popular they have become over time. If anything, make it original.


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Sep 20, 2017
its not that pubg has an intresting battle royal game but the game gives also fast gameplay and has something like lootcrates ( gamble crates - money making for steam ) these things are partly important for the game to have a big hit.

the thought about a cops and robbers game is more like anarchy where 50 vs 50 for example would give a much better acomplishment than everyone vs everyone. ( only option i would say is that this game mode can be added in modded servers or non profitable servers. where people can actualy try all different mods and stuff on that is available to test out all the different mod specifications.)

stil i can actualy say that it also would be more intresting if u would add some sort of Puzzle quests where a group of 10-15 criminals needs to face a whole army of 20-30 enforcers to get out a certain area. ( same thing goes around ) this gives the feeling like criminals are robbing a bank and they have around 20 cops after them that try to over win them. or a few cops are entering a warehouse where there is more then 20 criminals at that moment. for me this is more realistic and is pvp possible.

( i enjoyed hardline for its symplicity of being battlefield but partly being the same thing as heist and other stuff available. i enjoye apb for it different style and its hard work to make a name for yourself. i enjoyed Payday2 for it heists.) and i hope i wil enjoy this game for all the above scenario's