Some of my own thoughts


Fresh Blood
Apr 25, 2018
Hey guys I figured I'd register an account because I was a longtime APB player that really was frustrated with the potential that the game had that was never used.

I think that the game would have prospered for years if the devs had implemented clan warfare incl. leaderboards and a ranking system early on. They didn't, and clans were essentially nothing more than a title.

I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with and so long as you use APB's framework to make a similar game without deviating too hard from the formula that made me fall in love with APB, you'll have earned a player (and payer) for life.

In the 4 years I was active in that game I spent over $400... Some of my other friends did too, and it makes me wonder with the amount of whales that put cash into that game why it went belly up.


Killing Addict
Mar 24, 2018
I cannot envision your reasoning , that the non implementation of an effective clan system and not just name-sake affected the life of the game. I do see that you prioritize the idea and as such such post should go to the suggestions thread. I do believe the game should have a similiar flow like apb but some deviation should indeed be there including the devs listening to the people. I dont want another apb , i may want a better apb but i I mostly want a true efficient tps with in depth character customization that truly follows the motto of "Be what you want to be." And not be what you want to be only after you pay and agree to make your being miserable.