The Underlvled Recruitment


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Sep 20, 2017
Welcome to the forum post of the Underlvled Community

About us
we are a gaming community called Underlvled and we focus on Black Desert online / Pubg/ Rocket league and Lan Party games(Retro Games) but here and there we also play newer games. We offer a Family enthusiastic feeling that tries to have as less drama as possible. Our main focus for creating this community is to get in the later run World Wide Lan party's and a comfortable community without any stress of unwelcome feelings. Also our community is aged between 16-68 and holds at this moment more then 100 members.

Our community history
The community we build has been grown out another Csgo-Battlefield community. Now we the biggest group moved to other games and such and we try to grow part by part. Finally we have a stable MMORPG community running and we are interested to add again shooter games to our list.

What are we looking for in this game.
As for the moment how we are and the build of the game is in this state i would suggest everyone is welcome. personally i wouldn't suggest hardcore try hard would fit in our community but u never know. we are a community that looks more to talking and having enjoyment than being number 1 in the game. Our main focus for this game would be a clan with an interesting vision and an enjoyable layout to meet everyday with new and fun encounters. would u be interested in joining us. Let us know in the reply below.

How to check us out.
Website :

( if the website is not allowed please remove it from the topic)