Fresh Blood
Feb 28, 2018

Warfare Activities and Specialist Protection Inc History!

WASP Inc has proudly existed in San Paro since 2009, being founded during RTW's APB beta test as the Wide Area Special Police, where we achieved acclaim as the #1 Enforcer Clan during the beta. Today, we are known as Warfare Activities Specialist Protection Inc, a Private Military Company themed gaming community within APB: Reloaded and other games. We have a large base of member across the spectrum of Gold Threat players. We currently thrive on the North American and European APB servers.

Player Standards

We hold our members to certain standards regarding player skill, communication, teamwork and having a respectable attitude towards the rest of the game community. These rules are what identifies us amongst the myriad of clans which exist today in APB: Reloaded. While some of these standards have no doubt left us bereft of some of the most skilled individual players in the game, we find that good teamwork and attitude are far more important than a kill-death ratio.

WASP Divisions Currently Recruiting

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  • WASP Inc is not currently recruiting for Phoenix Project
  • WASP Inc is currently recruiting general Community Members
WASP Inc Community Requirements
  • A non-offensive character/forum name
  • Age 18 or older
  • A Headset or Microphone, and the willingness and ability to use Teamspeak and Discord
  • Having read our Charter
  • The ability to speak and understand English
Join WASP and be part of one of the most renown clans in APB's history!
Visit Our Website https://www.wasp-inc.com/

WASP Amenities

WASP Inc provides a fully functional Discord and a Teamspeak 3 server for you to play with other members and your friends. Our website and forums also hold all of the tools and features a gamer could ask for!

WASP is a Multi-gaming Community

Many of WASP members are multi-gamers. You'll never be with out someone to play with. We have Divisions active in competitive fields in DOTA 2 and Planetside 2, with plans to possibly expand into several upcoming MMOs. Acceptance into any of these Divisions will lend you a full membership to the WASP Inc Community. We also play many other games casually, just for fun. If you're tired of APB, why don't you hop in and try out some Planetside, or any other community game we play?

WASP is an award winning clan!

WASP was selected as the best closed beta enforcer clan back during the original RTW APB and was featured in a video made by RTW!

During G1's Official Hit Squad Clan Event 1 & 2 WASP placed both times.

Hit Squad 1: Results

  • On Patriot WASP was 3rd Place
  • On Colby WASP was 1st Place
Hit Squad 2: Results
  • On Joker WASP was 1st Place
  • On Colby WASP was 2nd Place
Murder Mayhem 2013: Results
  • On Joker WASP was 1st Place

WASP Media
We like to have fun, and record it too! We let many of our trusted members be creative and make informative and entertaining videos.
WASP's YouTube Channel : Click to be directed to WASP Inc's YouTube Channel!
WASP's Twitch Channel: Click to be directed to WASP Inc's Twitch Channel!