Developers of the Phoenix Project


Nekrova is a new development group,
When we started out, we were dissatisfied by the direction the game "APB:Reloaded" was heading.
So we thought "We can do better. Lets improve on this!" And with that mindset we started out.

However, soon, we realized that, as a group, we can do so much more and better, and we have decided to leave APB behind, and create our own game, Phoenix.


Phoenix Project

In late 2016 We've started the phoenix project,

This project's was to re-create the game "APB Reloaded" but has since changed into a bigger project entirely.

Phoenix project is an on-going effort to create a unique world, with lots of things to do for everyone.
From watching video's together at the cinema, to gambling your hard earned money away in the casino.
From fighting for what you feel is right, to uncovering secrets hidden around the world.

Phoenix is shaping up to be an open world "Cops vs Robbers" game, but with so much more thrown into the mix.



The phoenix project is run by volunteers,
Some of us have a background in the gaming industry, others don't.
But we all share a passion for gaming, and have a thrive to learn new things.

As such, if you're interested on working on the game, but have little experience? Fret not, as long as you have a thrive we'll gladly teach you the ropes.

After the first stage of the project has been released, we're also handing out modding tools, so everyone can alter the game to their own taste. Great community ideas and mods may even be incorporated into the base game!



So what powers "Phoenix"?

Nothing else than the cutting edge version of Unreal Engine 4.
We're not holding any punches back, and we want to make it as easy for you to make modifications to the core game, as it is to us!

So we'll proudly say that we're using Unreal Engine 4.


Make the game yours!

We ♥ mods,
And as such, we want to open the game to modding.

That said, we also hate cheaters, and as such, mods will only work on private servers.

We believe that modding will allow the game to grow and expand, and that modding will greatly extend the life time of any game and everyone has their own taste.

As such, we'll be open up the game to mods which you will be able to submit to us.
We'll look through the submissions, see which ones are popular, and add them to the main game!

So if you don't like how a element of the game works? or want to fix flaws? We'll support ya!


Become A Developer

Want to become a developer?
That's great!
We're always looking for people to help out, give fresh ideas, and help make this project a reality.
We're looking for the following people in particular:

  • Animators
  • Can you animate things in 3d? Good! we need your help for the animations!

  • 3d artists
  • Can you make more than just a sphere and a cube? Well, good, we can use a lot of help building the city!

  • 2d artists
  • We're looking for people who can either:
    - Make concept art
    - Make UI Art/elements
    - Make textures for 3d objects

  • Level Designers
  • People who can plan out chunks of the city, spawn points, elements, etc. Basically help shape the city.

  • Programmers
  • Every game needs code to work properly... Phoenix however, well, it needs a LOT of it.

  • Sound Designers & Music Artists
  • From ambient sounds, to gun noises, to nice tunes... We need YOUR help to add to the feel of the game. Good music and sound can make or BREAK the game!

  • Voice Actors
  • Pretty self explanatory

  • Food delivery guys
  • Still hungry...

    Do you think you can fill any of these roles, or feel like you can do something else helpful instead? don't hesitate and fill in the form below!


    Pre-order Phoenix?

    Pre-orders don't exist!

    That's right, we, Nekrova, do not take any pre-orders for the game.
    We're still working hard, and when the time comes to release the game, we'll show it off to you!

    Can't wait? Join our awesome discord community here: